The house

Our house is a beautiful 1948 construction, located in a very quiet and secure neighborhood.

As you could see from the pictures it is in excellent conditions.

Now through a friend living abroad we are able to show our house to the Internet community. We truly hope that you will like it and prefer our rooms when you travel to Cuba.

We are licensed for the rental of three rooms to tourists and foreigners. Please note the blue logo in the door and the number of the house. The sticker with the blue logo is the symbol of a licensed house.

Why are we the best option?

The Rooms

Our rooms are between the best of our city. As you will see in the pictures they are in perfect conditions, they speak for themselves.

Our rooms have private bathrooms with true hot running water (most rooms simply have an electric heater in the shower), a full featured kitchen, a fridge, air conditioner, etc.

A terrace and portal are prepared to delight you.

Our casa particular is your best option in Cuba.


Out house is located in a very quiet and secure neighborhood. In a central place, although there are more central locations, our place is in an excellent position to easily reach almost all important places of Havana. Also you will be away of the noisy part of the city. See the location of our casa particular here.


Fachada con licencia

Our license number is: 739 / 97


Your security is one of the most important issues for us. We have a security box, where you could leave your valuables.

You will have your own keys for your room, for the locker, etc.


Our relation quality price is one of the best that you will ever find,  our rooms only cost $25.00 (CUC), per night. Similar rooms usually charge $30.00 CUC or more, but we prefer to have more guests with lower prices, at the end everybody wins.